Hey there,

Last year 2008, I have come to a conclusion that “Damn my life is boring!!” Therefore this year me and my friend Rita, came up with a list of thing that we will try to venture and experience along the way while we can. Learn more, discover more. Welcome to my site where I will share thougths, experience, jouney and many others while I can. Hope you enjoy your stay.

Some recap of early 2009.

February 15th-22th 2009;

The trip to Vietnam was pretty pretty much ok. The fact that our head tour do not booked rooms in advance that we had to switch 3 hotels in 9 days. Looking at the bright side and the wonder of Nikon, it does seems we had a good time. Cheap food on the street are 10X better than restaurants, weather was scorching hot but places are worth to see. Overall Saigon, is an exciting place to visit.

Backpakers street, Saigon DSC_0163 DSC_0298 Saigon Times 
DSC_0579 DSC_0408 DSC_0653 DSC_0489 DSC_0041

 March 23rd 2009;

Rita found them on the street near her parents house, first was a female kitten crying for her mother. On Rita way back her neighbour called and pass her another male kitten. the 1st kitten stop crying. According to Rita’s mum the kitten’s mum died a day before. Now we adopt them. Scratches on the sofa, cat poop to clean morning and night, side allowance for cat food and lots of adorable time of playing with them. Introducing…  Archie & Bubble



One thought on “Hey there,

  1. it is and awesome trip… this is our 2nd time there. the next time we should stay there longer ok!! wwaawaa… i miss langkawi..

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