Krispy Kreme at Berjaya Times Square

The first time I knew about Krispy Kreme was when I watch Oprah probably years back where she gave out freebies to audience, like any of us wish we were there. Just another American “delicacies”. Hmmm… First was Dunkin Donuts, Big Apple and J.Co almost at the same time and now another donut or “doughnut” chain. While it was my first time at Times Square after about 2 years back, the place hasn’t change much but definitely more food place to dine.

Me and Rita ordered each a piece just to give a try and pack a dozen for the office. Damn!! it is too sweet, but the blended coffee is good so it nicely even it out. Place is cozy, 2 floors, Wifi, sofas, as well as a flat screen playing the Krispy Kreme American Craze and the TV shows that features the brand.  After we got our spot, we saw Vincent Tan. Last year #9 richest man in Malaysia Forbes sitting in front of us. As many may know,  the Berjaya owner brought food chain like Kenny Rogers, 7 Eleven, Starbucks and now Krispy Kreme. It is obvious he has a thing of American chain industries. However, it is too sweet for me, but compared to the other doughnuts, if you leave this outside for awhile it is still soft just as new. For my colleagues opinion it is the same, it’s way to sweet compared to Big Apple and J.Co.

The Krispy Kreme store
The Krispy Kreme store
The cozy upstairs
The cozy upstairs
A dozen of diabetes
A dozen of diabetes

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