Fullhouse @ NZX PJU 1A/41B

We checked out this place in a magazine and was just captivated with the interior of the dining place. Called few friends  to asked where the heck is that place and end up it is near to one of my close mate from school, Shereena. Apparently it is opposite her apartment. It was quite a challenge to drive there but we got there anyway. When we got there, the store were almost closing but good thing the restaurant wasn’t. This is the lay out of the restaurant.







the menu
the menu
Pineapple Chicken Salad
Pineapple Chicken Salad
Butter Fish
Pan Fried Butter Fish
Peppermint with Jasmine Tea
Peppermint with Jasmine Tea

There’s bedroom, bathroom, wardrobe, porch, living room and garden. Met Shereena there for late dinner. I ordered, Pan fried Butter Fish. It taste very unique with sweet cranberry juice which I do enjoy, may not be a person meal but sharing is perfect. Rita and Sher went for Blackpepper Chicken Chop (no pic, didn’t know why, just realise, prob deleted).  This is a must try, pineapple chicken salad. Just great. For drink we tried the Peppermint mixed with Jasmine Tea (Just checked my bill, they didn’t charge us for that. It’s free.. yay..).


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