Tatto @ Jalan Tun Razak

Mexican or Italian… hmm.. lets try Italian. When Rita think of Italian, she’ll think of our good friend Sam. Why? Cause she was the one that introduce us to real Italian restaurant for the first time and real Italian guy. Called her up asked if we could drop by to the Italian restaurant where her bf works there. Sadly no longer a chef, but introduce us to a new place called TATTO. Place is cozy with dimmed lights, black and white table cloth and of course.. VINO. Shelves of vino.. Pizza, Pasta, Coffee, Tiramisu. All Italian.

The Menu of Tatto
The Menu of Tatto

They served bread and olive oil with balsamic vinegar just like any before meal. Wan has a friend that comes up with a Triple A’s Pizza. (Apa Apa Aje). It was a special made pizza with anything that could possible place on the pizza. Bacon, Pepperoni, Prawn, Spinach and of course cheese. The best thing , it was not on the menu.  Rita ordered the Butter Fish. The Butter fish is as soft as cod fish, the bisgue sauce taste tangy goes well with the Zucchini. Wan ordered the Linguine with Clams, Zuchinni and White Wine Sauce while Sam went for Spaghetti with beef bacon, feta cheese and chili. Haven’t got the chance to try theirs cause I was struggling to finish my Capellini with scallops and cherry tomato sauce. Scallop was fresh not frozen, full of juicy taste goes well with the cherry tomato. We also had to try the delicious Dark Chocolate Mouse. Just full of chocolatas… Complimentary by the Chef.

Tatto serves lunch set with afforable price for an Italian style. Check out their website at http://www.tatto.com.my. Full listing of Restaurant Menu and location.

Typical before meal bread. (Italian Style)
Typical before meal bread. (Italian Style)
Tripple A Pizza
Tripple A Pizza (Special Order)
Butter Fish
Pan Roast Butter Fish with Zucchini Eggplant Timbale and Prawn Bisque
Capellini with Scallops and Cherry Tomato Sauce
Linguine with Clams, Zucchini and White Wine Sauce
Spaghetti with Beef Bacon, Feta Cheese and Chilli
The Chef
A Special Dessert Presentation by The Chef
the bar
The Bar Section
Stairway of Wines
The restaurant
The Restaurant Interior
Wan, Sam, Chef Joe, Rita, Me
Wan, Sam, Chef Joe, Rita and Me

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