Archie, Bubble & SPCA

Last weekend we brought Archie and Bubble to SPCA to neuter/spray them in Ampang Jaya cause compared to a private vet neuter a cat could be as easy as RM240, while SPCA provide for only starting at RM60. Drove there, and by the look on their face, as if Bubble know what is going to happen, while Archie seems clueless, probably we talk to Bubble several times about this but not to Archie.

SPCA clinic
SPCA clinic

We were also clueless about this that we didn’t bring a cage but only a hand luggage bag to carry them there. So yes.. bring a cage if you plan to neuter your cat. We had to put them in a temporary cage, and that’s when I started to worry bout them both, if they are gonna be ok. Rita fill in the form and whatever necessary while I was looking around the brouchers about neuter cats with the beneficial and all. We had to leave them there, and requested if we could see the operation but was not allowed cause a girl once fainted before. Stupid girl.. Oh well, I might cry seeing them anyway.

Went down to KL to Sogo and Pertama to kill some time, after 3 hour plus we got a phone call saying that we can take them home. We were so exited and left immediately. As we didn’t bring a cage with us they provide us a nice box for the both of them. Carrying them in one hand is heavy. Got in the car and they were looking blurry and seems not recognizing us. Archie looked like  a retard that putting his tongue out and kept biting his front leg while Bubble eyes as big as ever, while all along she has this sexy eyes, looking and wondering around.

Bubble looking blurry
Bubble looking blurry
Archie kept putting his tongue out
Archie kept putting his tongue out

After we got home, Archie is sleeping while Bubble wanted to get out of the box and like an Iron Lady, Bubble tried to walk around the home while the stitch was not quite heal, and fell down while walking several times. It was the anesthetic cause the dizziness. Such a strong girl. There’s once we brought her to the park and a puppy came to her, they were looking cute sniffing at each other and at that quick moment until Bubble hissing him off. The puppy ran off.. imagine that. I was worrying, thought that Bubble would get hurt. We end up apologizing to the puppy owner while the owner ran to the puppy. See, what a brave girl. Archie on the other hand is so tired and slept the whole day. He peed on his bed, and smart enough went to my room trying to sleep on my bed but was too “stone” to climb up.  We had to clean the house after all the puking and peeing. They also lost their appetite for awhile.

Now after few days, they are back!! cute and loving. Bubble stich is healing, (she even took out her own bandage) while Archie’s balls is, well… no longer there.


2 thoughts on “Archie, Bubble & SPCA

  1. i kinda like archie when he’s stoned, he’s more manja and loving, unlike now he’s normal and being so hyper active, running and climbing like nobody business, nak snuggle pun susah coz he does’nt like to.

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