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Last Chinese New Year, my mother was invited to be on a documentary on Astro. It was a moment of glory for my mum and a great start for her year. It was her first time to be on television. Not knowing that she will be on Astro Discovery and Living plus being hosted by a well known MTV VJ Denise Keller, who is also Vera’s cousin from Singapore. She has been hosting as a VJ, modellings and commercials and now this new TV travelogue in Passage to Malaysia.

September issue of Women's Weekly
September issue of Women's Weekly
Family Reunion Dinner
Family Reunion Dinner

 Malacca Shooting

I wonder why that my family wasn’t on aired on that show. Apart from being proud that my mum was on TV, it was a great experience for a Chinese New Year and also the time to be together with my grandparents, aunt and uncle. The peranakan style.

My mom, a pride owner of Nancy’s Kitchen down in the heart of Malacca runs a well known Peranakan Restaurant in Jonker Street. Why does it takes a while for me to bring up about my mum’s establishment? Well, I guess this is the right time. (to show off.. hahah). I never doubt her cooking, never doubt her taste of food, never doubt of her crazy jokes. Like any child, anyone could be proud of her mum, she is the mentor in my life.

I will be writing more about my mum in future, but now if you haven’t got the chance to catch her in Discovery Travel and Living. Here’s a bit of clip of her and my good friend Vera’s family Chinese New Year Celebration. Enjoy.


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