Mooncake Season

Edited ApplesIn the picture above, there are 3 apples. Which is which? A real apple, a candle apple or the mooncake apple? It is like the world is imitating to be like the green apple. Hmm…

Cary's PicWell, the deal here is that this apple is a collection to the Doraemon edition of mooncake that I bought about a week ago. It came with various types and imitation flavours. Some taste great, some not. However, I am sharing this. If you do interested in trying a different taste of mooncake you can try it purchasing it at Bisgood company. There’s one in Mid Valley and another near at the Jusco Kepong. My recommendation is the Tiramisu, Black Humor and the Snow skin Durian(it’s the best).


The catalog to the mooncake. If you see closely there's several fairy tale character around.
The catalog to the mooncake. If you see closely there's several fairy tale character around.

(On the catalog, there’s Doraemon on a broomstick, Harry Potter indeed. Also Nobita as the Aladdin. At least that makes sense flying, don’t get with the chair, bicycle, barrel and umbrella flying though.. Look closely at the Doreamon broomstick someone seems to be stuck on it.. What a pity ride up the sky)

Types of Mooncakes
Types of Mooncakes

People this days are adapting with the now generation people into indulging food. From traditional mooncake to this colourful, favourite taste that we loves this days. Attracting the young by bringing up all kinds of characters. I’m not surprise if someday there’ll be Vampire-Twilight-Warewolf version of mooncake with Edward, Bella and Jacob face on it. Who knows..?? with the tagline of “Put your Forks in it”. And just to say here, I realize that the Doraemon Craze is back. It’s like almost everywhere or maybe it’s just me. What do u think?



One thought on “Mooncake Season

  1. Doraemon@Bisgood durian mooncake? so the very very truest bestest one. beats Tai Thong and the other one (can’t recall the name now)…maybe 1 day we can afford eating the hotel exclusive ones??? but then again who spends so much on one kind of dessert wo? (*_*)

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