GAGA over Lady Gaga

My current obsessed is the no other than Lady Gaga. Her “Fame” album got me hooked to my most listen ipod list, blasting in my car stereo and her song is in my freaking  mind all the time. I really looked up to her eccentric performance, her lyrics to her songs, her videos and her thoughts about fashion. Many might find her weird but I find her stunningly mind-blowing. Her fashion is her life, the clothes she wear could be made from practically anything, from bubble to metal maybe a trash can if she could pull it off, giving more inspiration and strive to many young and well known designers.

The Many of Gaga
The Many of Gaga

I have seen her in many interview and many times emphasised her name is “Gaga”. She did made it clear and wants people to be clear of it. The way she talk I can see that she is a very smart, firm lady and not another blond. (she wasn’t a natural blond anyway, a brunette in fact. It is true than being blond is more fun) . Plus I hated if any artist being interview and kept saying “er you know” “well you know” like the whole time, seriously I really don’t know what is your point? So far this is the best interview where she expresses her thoughts towards judgemental in woman. She killed that interviewer that I know.

And also another, her performance at MTV awards was awesome and her medley at SNL is beyond comparable showing her potential of more than just another singer. Check it out at youtube.

[Videos are all from the link of]


2 thoughts on “GAGA over Lady Gaga

  1. she so cool, i like her, her songs is very catchy but the lyrics ia very taboo and always associated with sex. my fave song is paparazzi love the VC coz Alex Skarsgard (Eric true Blood)is there.

    btw how long r u goin to gaga over her everyday talking abt her, lets go U.S n meet her…hahaha nancy pay ok!!!!

    1. What!! No way Nancy will be buying me a Heartbeat by Lady Gaga (finger crossed). Would love to be at Gaga concert someday. The best part each concert she performs are different. “I’m not bluffin’ with my muffin”

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