My Trip to Singapore

Where was I? Haven’t blog in about  a month now cause been really busy working 12 hours daily, back to Malacca almost everyweek and just plain lazy.. The best thing though I got to a short trip to Singapore and enjoy their lovely Christmas decorations and now back to hell hole and work like a dog. Enough rambling, that doggie job does pay my rent, car and bill.. can’t complain.

The main point for this Singapore trip is no other than MAKAN.. After we got into woodland we started to think of the best place to eat as research by Rita. But first we drop by at my Grandma’s causin place, Aunty Pat at Choa Chu Kang. After all the talking and gossiping bout this and that we headed down to Commonwealth Drive for Chicken Rice. It was seriously good as the chicken meat are soft, the rice are not clumpy like the ones in KL and best thing is that it is Halal. So Rita and Shira enjoyed it a lot. I do too..

Evertop (#01-358 Blk 46-1, Commonwealth Drive)
Roasted Chicken Rice and Wan Tan Soup
Wan Tan Mee style and Vege

Next we went down town to search for our hotel. Rita (also a very useful map guide reader) got confused with the north and south direction that we end up checking in at about 4pm. It’s alright though, we found it. It’s called Aqueen hotel at Lavender Street. Newly open 2 days ago while we were there. Me and Rita was impressed with the room when we got it. It is pretty much fully equipt with the towel, LCD tv, mini fridge, tiny wardrobe, phone, hair dryer and safe box. For only $78  per night it was worth it. One little problem, this hotel is located beside a casket place.

The Aqueen Hotel at Lavender Street
Hotel's hallway
The bathroom
The Bathroom

The Bedroom

Another little problem, the bathroom that we had is pretty visible, we practically could see each other ass while on showering. I had a good laugh while witnessed one of my housemate’s ass.. hahahaha.. best days ever. So after the bath and good laugh, we headed down to town to eat. We came across this stall at Lavender Foodcourt that serves Turtle and Crocodile Herbal Soup. Eww… I don’t even dare to take frog, can’t imagine this.

Exotic Stuff that i'll never try
Exotic Stuff that i'll never try

This is how we travel around. Cheap and convenience.

This is how we roll

Food hunt #2, we had our dinner at Banquet at Bugis Area. The Lemon Chicken Rice is awesome but a little stingy on the sauce, chicken feet is nice too, love it but the popiah is a so so… nothing to brag.

Lemon Chicken Rice (miss this one a lot), Popiah and Chicken Feet (this is good)

And of course the Bugis Steet area….

Bugis Street
Far East Plaza

1st pic, Shira messing with my camera took shoots of this underwear. Notice on the second picture on top, that was supposed to be a chocolate chip but looks more like tits. There’s also a store called WANKO?? Seriously..

Next day food hunt #3.. Search for food again.. This store opens at 11am so we had to wait, in the mean time we had other food like Roti John and Chicken wings at the next door shop. No pic cause too excited, but there’s Sup Tulang Merah.

Sup Tulang Haji Kadir, 505 Beach Road, Golden Mile Food Court Center
Adimann Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice
Sup Tulang Merah

Later we headed to Katong area which wasted our time there, not to mention we were lost looking the correct bus route. Rita wanted to go to the Katong Antique House since the last trip to learn and discover the Peranakan Culture but was turn down by the owner Peter Wee that looked down on us as if we were there for free. WTF!! He is a well know to Peranakan community in Singapore but which such treatment that’s such a shame.

Katong Antique House

This what happen when you try places that’s random and not sugessted by people.. You’ll get bad crappy food. Savoury Place.. Your banana pastries is as hard as a rock and the banana is as sour as your shop name.. SAVOURY PLACE.. that’s better.

This place served rotten banana pastries

Good thing we see something to feed the eye a little..

Adorable "old school" homes in a row
Day dreaming of owning one

Which cost 2.8mil...

After the awful trip to Katong area this time, we were lost to some housing area. I know.. my fault. Then we interchange to a diffrent bus  since there’s no bus that headed to our hotel. We took a bus back to town and got back to Bugis Street. Shira bought cosmetics and Victoria Secret.  While the mouth watering Burger King Premium Angus Beef is calling our name to try one. So we got one and share in 3. It was great. The sauce, the crispy onion and the meat. Just a finger licking. Hungry now.. Might drive down to our ass BK and try their ass burger that they serve. Pathetic.

We tried their Burger King.. Damn tasty.

After the bath.. (don’t worry we didn’t check out each other asses this time. We bathe in the dark instead. So no shadow, no ass). Next, hello Orchard Street…

Down the Orchard Road

But first.. A tribute to the Christmas Tree around the world…

Christmas Tree

Gingy is like my favourite character in Shrek. I even Wiki about him.. I mean how sad it is to see he lost his leg after Lord Farquaad torture him from running away, then he got a crutch to help him walk about while his leg is healing from the icing sugar stiching. Later in second installment of Shrek, he help Shrek by introducing the Muffin Man to make an enormous Gingerbread Man named Mongo which was killed in steaming milk, sadly to see Gingy cry loud for his brother. As for the third installment he was almost killed again by Prince Charming while his life flashes before his eyes when he was used to be happily to a Gingerbread Woman named as Suzy, running on his feet in an open field freely after the recover. Now that I see him on the Singapore shopping center advertisement, I am glad that he found his freedom celebrating Chistmas with his family. Merry Christmas Gingy…

Gingy's Family
Yeah do enjoy your Christmas with VISA. Santa's on a tight budget.

I love travelling but not much for the packing and hate the most to unpack them. So with this size of a bag.. huh…

A real huge LV bag.

Also saw this group of people doing cheerleading. They didn’t cheer, more like picking up girls. Don’t really get their point. It is my first real live performance unlike as in Bring It On.

Be Aggressive.. Be Be Aggressive

Now.. we mess around wasting the kodak. errrr.. memory stick ehem…

Christmas Balls
Running with your boyfriend I see
What you peeking at?
Heads underarms

Not sure if she’s on sugar, but she’s real crazy. Hugging every man he lay eyes on, punching balls, stealing purse, pretending being spoon fed by a model. That’s just Shira being Shira.

Silly Shira

We walk down to the nearest MRT to go back to our hotel and we saw this each and different ones along the way. Check out this picture below. First of all the guy that was immitating the statue is funny enough but what the hell is that thing sticking out on the right side of the statue? Can anyone tell me?

I don't really get this thing..

The next day we go for breakfast food hunt #4, we wanna have chinese typical breakfast so we had these at Tong Seng Coffee Shop, 496 North Bridge Road. We don’t understand the person that took our order and the lady that we had to pay to was like a gangster. Scary..

Pan Mee
Wan Tan Mee with Chicken Feet

Shopping is not enough, since the shop is clossing from the previous night we scroll down the Orchand. Round 2. Stopped at Sommerset 313. New mall. Not many stores but loves the collection that HMV music stores. Almost all you need is in there. Rita got her ZARA coat, she’s happy.. then we had coffee with an interesting presentation at Blue Mountain Cafe. The crystal sugar, is new to me and Rita. We goo goo ga ga over it awhile..


Everywhere you go there’s SALES and people.. It’s crazy. The walkway is always filled with people. Where are these people going?

Orchard maddness SALEs and street performance

We checked out The Paragon, and discover this place called Da Paolo Gastronomia that sells all kinds of food that you just can’t find in KL, but maybe there’s at Harrods. Not sure. When we looked at it, we figure out to get this and pack it all up tomorrow on our way back to KL. C’mon would you just look at the amazing displays.. It’s mouth watering…

Gloriously beautiful

Then we meet my Aunt Patsy and Ulrica, cause she promised to bring us out for dinner. While waited for our buffet at Concorde Hotel at 6.00pm, we had our coffee at Coffee Club. The coffee in Singapore is really good compared to the ones in Malaysia. They’re all taste great. Just perfect. But a little slow while serving. As long as the coffee is good, it must be a worth the wait.

That's my Grandaunt Patsy messin' the foam
Me caus Ulrica and Shira

That’s one sparking tree..

Aunt Pat, me, Ulrica and Shira under the Christmas Tree

Kinky stuff.. them being sillly..

Rita huggin' while Shira Punchin'

We had an awesome Seafood buffet. Everything is great. Like Rita said, it’s not much variety but the small range of selection just enough to cover it all cause they’re all great unlike big buffet that only one or two that taste good.

Singapore is never complete without the buffet

After the buffet we went to Clake Quay for a walk. We walk and see the lights and the night life out there and also Rita wanted to meet up her love. Which I will not post it now.. Her love there is unbearable painful and need to be posted in a separate post, for the love of two is beautiful of the ladolcerita.

What am I looking for?

Before we went back to KL, Shira can’t get enough of shopping at Mustafa Center. I bought some stuff too plus don’t fancy that much to buy cause my mum goes to Singapore all the time and could asked her get me anything. Shira shop and shop and shop.. it’s scary to see her like that. She’s not nomally like that. She’s happy cause she got 1 Guess bag, and another huge bag and a red coat from Gap. And lots and lots of chocolates at Mustafa.. It’s insane.

As promised we came the next day to pack em all up. I got the bill amazingly $80.15 equavalent to RM201.54 as per Amex rate. Shira spend about $50. We also tried the scones and the amazing tasty Salmon Pizza. I always remember how good food taste like. This is what I will never forget.

Probabaly the most expensive brunch I've ever had
Probably the most expensive brunch ever

Also look at these bottles.. amazing huh?  Hot man’s abs, nice girl ass and Hello.. Kitty.. It’s like for mummy, daddy and the kids at home. If they’re legal to drink of course.

Hell of wine bottles

Till then Singapore will we meet again in February, as I will be celebrating my Chinese New Year there. Surprise me baby!!


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