Christmas Eve of Eve’s Dinner

Mum reserved us a dinner at at Simply Fish at Melaka Raya for our family Christmas Dinner, Simply Fish is like the Manhattan Fish Market in KL which is really not bad. I have been wanted to try that place for a long time till now. The dinner was only me, mum and sis, father was not included cuz… hmm.. he’s stingy and ironically selfish to even buy us dinner. Nuf’ Said.

Anyways, our dinner at Simply Fish was great just us 3 girls. We got Baked Chesse Scallops(not that great, I loved Rita’s version better) and Fresh Oyster top with torched Cheddar(really good). I got myself a Pan Seared Cod Fish Cajun Style, Mum got a Seafood Alfredo Speghetti and Sis got a Mix Seafood Platter. The butter rice can’t beat the MFM’s, the cod was great crispy skin and juicy meat. Speghetti is surprisingly better than I used to order in KL and Seafood Platter no complain there, just the same old style.

Simply Dining
Simply Board
Cozy Area
Seafood Alfredo
Fresh Oyster top with toarched cheese
Scallop baked cheese
Seafood Platter
Pan seared Cod Cajun Style



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