Rita’s Twilight B’day

I had less than 2 weeks to figure out what I should arrange for Rita’s Birthday. She did mention that she hasn’t blow a cake for her Bday for a long time.. (what a terrible buddy I am that I never got her a cake.. but not this year bitch!!) So, I use the most powerful tool called GOOGLE and search for a custom made cake.. and there I got an idea, Rita loves Twilight.. lets make her a Twilight cake.. And I found the best. Event Direct Us.. I called the person the next day, made some discussion, begging(cause they need at least a month for booking plus it’s Christmas season), sent the pic, transfer money and waited till 21st Dec at 3.30pm at the Curve for the glorious cake. It did cost me pretty good sum of money but at that time I was hoping  when I saw the cake, I-the-not-so-into-twilight will go WOW..  Trust me I did.. When I met Elaine, the director of Eventdirectus with the cake in her hand opening the lid to let me see, I smiled so wide. I thanked her for making it possible. It was amazing, so here is the outcome.. Better than I had imagine.

Twilight Cake.. Yummy too..

Beautiful ain’t it?

Rita also mention that she wants to have Chinese for her Birthday dinner. So I said ok.. figuring out where the hell can I find Chinese food in KL which is halal and good. I searched and I found Bangsar Seafood Garden Restaurant and started to have an idea for a surprise party for her instead. Call up few of her friends that she hasn’t meet in a while. Not many turn up, I was sad though but some sacrificed their off days and sick leave just to celebrate with her. Thanks guys… So there was us 7(Shira, Wanee, Vera, Sam, Wan, ME!! and the B’day girl) struggling to finish the 9 course chinese dishes. Thanks for making a lovely day for her to each and everyone of you. Love ya’ll. Muackkk… Kissess..

9 Course Chinese Dinner.

There was supposed to be 9 as you can see there’s only 8 at the pic, I loves Sharkfin Soup so I got too excited and forgot bout taking a pic. Don’t blame me for eating that soup, most of the sharkfin soup is fake ok.. I know what people did is mean to the animal but I love the soup.. mostly they’re fake.. I’m sorry…

Shira had the whole fish head on her own
Wanee and B'day girl

Hope you really liked it… You must like it… You must!!

Still smiling after the 7th Course, 2 more to go
Wan, Rita and Sam

If you’re reading this sam, lovely dress.

Group photo, stomach in people. Suck it up.
Wanee and Mus fooling around.. as usual
Seriously I have no idea what this is about.. Funny though

Later that night our company also had a Christmas pot luck paty.. that’s right.. more eating. Rita meant to make Egg Roll but she forgot to bring the egg sso we call it Tortilla Roll (taste just like in Chilli’s but better), Shira made Mashed Potato while I did Meatballs. Few comments that it’s better than IKEA.. YES!! Suck on that.. Sweedish Balls.. (sorry no pic, made it at 6am)

We also exchange gifts. Each got their Secret Santa. Mine wrote her name on it, so no secrets. Thanks Jane. Love it though, got pampered with 2 large cookies  from Coffee Bean and got a hooded jacket for the gift. She know me well. Plus office is cold at night. It’s really useful. Rita got hers too an Espressamente Illy coffee that I, as a Santa helper got her one and also a free sandwich at O’Briens. As the gift more Twilight.. A Twilight and a New Moon soundtrack. (frankly most of the compilation bored me to death). My car stereo is GAGA LAND.. RAH RAH Ooo LA LA.. WANT YOUR BAD ROMANCE!!

Rita surprise moment - taken by Melvin (Good Shot)
Posing for our secret santa

So, that was a hectic day. Finish work at 3am,Cook at 6am, Sleep at 9am, Woke up at 2pm, pick up cake at 3.30pm, send cake to restaurant at 4pm, help Rita to cook  a 4.30pm, packed stuff at 5.30am, rest a while.. out from home at 6.45pm, get to restaurant while Shira is stalling Rita at Bangsar Village, wait for people to arrive and Rita to arrive at 7.45pm, SURPRISE!! SURPRISE!! eat and eat and eat till 10pm, fooling around at 10.30pm, drive to office and Rita fried her tortilla(yes we brought a fryer too) at 11.30pm, eat and eat till 1am, got home at 2am. Snooze off at 4am after watching another GLEE episode.  Awesome Day!!


One thought on “Rita’s Twilight B’day

  1. Shhesh..this day is ssooo tiring..but really a memorable ones, thanks to you ..who made it happened…hhmm…i gotta start to think NOW for your april birthday plan.

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