Sunway Trip with mummy..

Mum, grandma, sis and my mums new worker Dia, came to KL just for the fun of shopping and lazing around in Sunway Parade. We first had lunch at Delicious at One Utama, ordered like so much. Grandma was shock of the price for a bowl of Gado Gado here, where it only cost less than RM5 on the street. I loves the cod fish as always.

Lunch at Delicious One Utama

Later we headed down to Sunway area and checked in to our hotel room at Pyramid Tower Hotel for just one night cause mum enjoys the shopping and Thai spa there. Walk and walk in the gigantor mall and had our dinner at Shogun Buffet. I couldn’t eat much cause I was so darn sleepy. Haven’t slept the whole night and being drag around so I slept on the buffet table after feeding my tummy. I enjoyed the fresh oyster and salmon sashimi.

Buffet at Shogun

This is exciting, I withness my very first ice hockey before my eyes. They played after the ice rink was close and there’re all expats that played that night. Oh well this is the coldest place that they could skate on. I really envy those that could skate, cause I can’t. I tried but it seems that my ass that skate more.

Tooth Fairy!!

Rita finish work at 5am for certain exception, so she drove all the way to Sunway and bunk in the hotel room cause we wanted to go to the Extreme Park. She slept for a while and we had breakfast buffet at 9am. We got excited, got our groove on, bought my sis a shoe cause didn’t bring hers. Rita bought a pants and socks. Filled with anticipation run to the entrance of Sunway Lagoon and right before my eyes I said this.. “Where they hell is everyone?” I continued. “Don’t tell me they are close” Rita said, “Damn it! it is Tuesday” With disappointment in our heart we walk away not sad but laugh to our sillyness. Bodoh la..

Full House at Sunway Piramid

Yet again I had my lunch at Full House but this time it is in Sunway, however I prefer the interior at NZX better. Cozyer.. I also like the kitchen island here. Wish to have one some day and if you notice how island kitchen has hooks on top for the pans and cookware, a little spooky like in the movie, those things will clang on making loud noise as if there’s ghost or just very strong wind came though. Spooky. Always love it when mum come up to KL. Always…


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