Mellissa’s 30th B’day

My dearest causin was back from New Zealand for her sis in law wedding and here to celebrate her 30th B’day. She suggested it, Aruna and I pulled up the party. Aruna checked out the venue which is Modestos Sri Hartamas while I did search for the cake, invitation and flowers. Mellissa loves the party, just as her style. Family and friends all together celebrate her long life of friendships.

The Polka Dot with Butterflies
The Polka Dot with Butterflies Cake
Butterflies lovelies

The cake cost me quite a bomb but it was beautiful. Lissa wants it polka dot one tier cake, but as a gift I got her 2 tier cake, polka dot and a butterflies.. ohhh.. she loves the butterflies.. I loves it too.. and the cake taste awesome too. I choosed the chocolate walnut cake. It was not too sweet and just perfect. The cake artist did a great job, I thank her for the awesome job. If you’re wondering, this is from Truly Scrumptious!

Snap snap...

I wasn’t the photographer of the night. I causin Alvin was. So here’s some of em’. Thanks to all that made it that night.


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