Las Carretas @ Damansara

I’ve been driving and pass by this dining place for several times not knowing that they serves great ribs, friendly service, and Cha Cha Cha musica!! My previous post of a Tex-Mex at Frontera food wasn’t that good. Most of the food there was salty, but this place.. Oh no.. The ribs BBQ sauce could linger on your tongue for at least 3 days. I know when it’s good, if I could remember the taste of the food. Sad to say this, but this ribs beats Tony Roma’s.

The States plates on the wall.

Chandelier Fountain.

Who don’t love free nachos??

Carlos Skins..

Chicken Corn Enchiladas..

Beef Backribs. This is the ribs that I’m talking about. Just spectacular…

I wouldn’t be sure bout other branches in KL. This is good though. I swear some of the waiters spoke Spanish too.. Beth and Christiano was the one that waited our table.


2 thoughts on “Las Carretas @ Damansara

    1. Sure… i’ll link it whenever i have have great places that i would love to share.. I really enjoy the food there a lot.. And thanks for dropping by my blog.

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