Dinner Day 3

Mum made me an ABC soup. Chicken, potatoes, carrots and onions. Why ABC? Probably just like Air Batu Campur. Also went to pasar malam at Kota Laksamana and saw this lady that has been selling popcorn for years. Classic and cheap only RM 1.00. Lastly this little girl from the States, Ashley. Parading her cuteness throughout the shop. So cute. Got permission from her parents to take a photo of her. It’s a keeper.

Pic 1 : the ABC Soup

Pic 2 : USA popcorn stall

Pic 3 : Lu Maw cleaning the cutleries while Ashley supervised

Pic 4 : Just little Ashley


One thought on “Dinner Day 3

  1. 1) look at the fat chicken feet…mus be nice and juicy, i bet.
    20 ashley is so freakin’ adorable, her parents can simply let her wonder around the kitche? hhmm.. so dangerous for a toddler.

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