Dinner Day 4

We had Bunga Raya Pork Porridge and Flat Noodle Soup (Mi Yung Ke) at Jalan Kota near Taming Sari. The taste never change till now. After we ordered, my sis and I walked to Mahkota Parade to get lip stick for my mum and the food just arrived. It was that long to wait for the porridge. What I realize in Malacca, most good food has to wait. Like Bunga Raya Oyster Egg and Popiah, Mi Bodoh Tengkera also my mum added Nancy’s Kitchen. People just go crazy at this kind of things. Right after porridge we went to a stall nearby that sells Nasi Lemak Ayam Dara. Mum wants to buy rice but I stopped her so we only got to tried their 1 piece of chicken. Later we spy like 5 cats lying around. Half of the chicken goes to them.

Pic 1 : Mi Yung Ke (Flat noodle soup)

Pic 2 : The famous Pork Porridge Bunga Raya.

Pic 3 : kittie cat.

Pic 3 : another kittie.


One thought on “Dinner Day 4

  1. dear…. of course people have to wait for the good food…because it good thats why people are wailing to wait…and i believe that happens anywhere in the world not just mlk. love and kisess to you and you mum!!

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