Dinner Day 6 (Medan Selera Bunga Raya)

Me and mum had dinner at food court near Majestic Hotel. There’s a halal and non-halal section. The halal section has the famous soak oily Roti John and Assam Pedas. Most shops in Malacca are close on Tuesdays. So it’s not advisable to visit. There was also two elderly sisters that sells Prawn Dumpling and Prawn Mee which I loved. Rita if you’re reading this, they’re CLOSE!! One of the sister is dead according to mum. So sad.. I know. RIP prawn dumping lady. Sometimes when I enjoy the food there and if it being run by an elderly person I fear this could happen, what is they’re no longer around? Will their children takes the footsteps and learn? Selfish me.. Haha.. The agenda for me and mum is to have Chicken with Century Egg Porridge and Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish. It’s cheap and good.

Pic 1 : Chicken Porridge with Century Egg.

Pic 2 : Steamed Minced Pork with Salted Fish.


One thought on “Dinner Day 6 (Medan Selera Bunga Raya)

  1. huh the prawn dumpling shop is no longer in business??? forever??? are you are??..sheesshh too bad…such a scrumptious dumpling.

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