Dinner Day 13

After a long day in KL discussion business with mother, searching chandelier, learning bout real and fake crystals (which are so beautiful). A lil shopping at One Utama, admiring Iphone 4, quick bite at Teppanyaki, hugging my cats at home (and they actually forgot me.. Don’t blame em’ cats are like that, just plain bitches. It isn’t fair for female dog to be named that, it should have been the cats.) and rush back to Malacca to attend a church dinner function. After the dinner, we meet up Uncle James a.k.a Dad and Makko Joe for a Teh Tarik. Then home to bed. END..

Pic 1: We’re admiring for this kind of Chandelier. It’s fake, the real cost bout 4-5 grand.

Pic 2: Quick bite at Teppanyaki

Pic 3: Church dinner, the retiring of Father Christopher

Pic 4: Sardine Roti Canai

Pic 5: Teh Tarik kurang manis


4 thoughts on “Dinner Day 13

  1. Yealah don’t get the fake ones…Make ur home look so cheap but too bad real ones are so expensive. Perhaps find some alternative that look nice also..:) So u jadi get leave on 15th? Missing you..

    ps://Had lunch with Ita and Shira today at tropicana Mall…

    1. My aunt from Singapore will be buying us the chandelier. The real one is too expensive la. Maybe next time. My leave is not confirm yet, will let u know later. Having lunch without me!! Oh well I’ll be back. Soon!! Counting down.

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