Singapore Trip Again.. Day 1

Before we headed our way to Singapore, a breakfast is a must before hitting the road. Rita was supposed to come by bus but ended up driving all the way down. It was a planed to surprise me but I wasn’t home at that time. For breakfast, we went to Sultan near Melaka Sentral for Roti Canai, Ikan Pari, well.. the usual stuff.

After we sent my aunt home we checked to our VIP Hotel at Balmoral Street. It is a nice clean hotel but the service was unpleasant. Imagine that I asked for wi-fi password and they told me to come back tomorrow morning to get it. Like WTF!!

Since my mum on their way to Katong area to meet up with Peter Wee, me and Rita skipped that and we headed to Orchard Street instead. Gastronomia at Paragon, the place that we once gone crazy over spending our money for food has now turn a flop. The salmon and the lamb just bad. Bad I tell you.. BAD!!

Good thing that BAD experience lead us to a nicer creamy experience. Price at crazily enough $3.00. We tried it anyway. I mean I love cream and waffle, if you put them together how could I resist. Sommerset 313, Marvelous Cream.. Indeed.

Later we met mum at Katong, they had their dinner at Jai Thai opposite Katong Church and suggested that we should give a try and it was worth it. Cheap and affordable for a meal. The coffee is good, small ambiance, basil.. Just Thai..

Mustafa is a must. Spend like 3 hours there, shopping.. comparing prices.. calculating rates.. got us hungry and we had supper at Newton Circle. Osyter and earlier mum bought A fully Chocolates which taste like heavennnnn.. and the cute neon green forks are the Angels.. Love it..  


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