Singapore Again.. Day 2

We were suggested to go to Marina Bay Sands, the new shopping mall in Singapore.. (there’s always new). My first casino experience!! Also suggested not to park there as the rate is 8 EFFING DOLLAR PER HOUR.. We took cab there. Plus Singapore transportation is reliable.

That’s the Marina Bay. Filled with exclusive store that I could never afford.  Imagine an underwear cost $900?? There’s also a “wishing hole” which I made my wish and it didn’t happen

Our brunch is at the temporary food court in Marina Bay itself. Food wasn’t that good and it cost a bomb.

That’s my surname.. CHAN!!

Mum was being funny camwhoring at the Chanel window display.

Some of the little things we spot our eyes on.

My first casino experience. HUGE place, but most of the game  are all using machines and electronics. Not that fun. So we went for the spinning wheel, check out the chips that I’VE WON!!… errr… LOSE.. It was $100. : ( Says who first luck winning? CRAP!!

Disappointed we walked to the Marina Hotel nearby, admiring the architecture, the buggy ride… haih..*sigh*

Wanted to have our tea time/dinner at the hotel but the selection wasn’t that great, so we went back to the mall and tried their coffee bean. It was an awesome meal. They’re all taste great. Why aren’t our selection is as good as this? Stinking-microvable-frozen-food. Also we met Juan-Pedro from Brazil. He’s so cute.. It all started that we had our own table conversation that leads to laughter when Pedro started to laugh together with us and kept smiling back.

In the evening we went up to the 57th floor for $20 per person and enjoy the view of Singapore sky high. In the city of blinding lights.. Mum made her wish up there. I forgot..

Since we took a cab there, we decided to go for a bus ride to Orchard Road, made a quick stop at Bugis then MRT. Mum first ride on a bus in Singapore while Ita did a PCD pole dancing.

A quick stroll down Orchard road where most shops were close when we were there.

Then took a cab to Clarke Quay for a drink at Highlanders, listen to a live band before we call it a night. Many who have been to Clarke Quay may have notice the spot light in each corner of the area that look like a penis. (first picture). The Turkish man that sells ice cream with a little fun performance of teasing his customers.


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