Singapore Again.. Day 3

Checked out from the VIP hotel then headed to Teka Market for breakfast/lunch. The famous Nasi Briyani, Sup Tulang which wasn’t that good and Cekodok Tepung Udang.

For my mum going to Singapore is not always just travelling or fun, it’s also a business opportunity. Here’s where my mum got her best quality of Buah Keluak from Mr. K K Siah.

After the Teka Market, we went to the largerrr market. The Singapore pasar borong. Bought cashewnuts, dried cranberries and lots of fruits. Also coconut…

After sending Aunt Patsy home, and before going back to Malacca, we dropped by at Bukit Panjang Plaza. Me and Rita caught our eyes at Naked Fish Express. It ain’t bad.

While waiting in line at Naked Fish, mum and Deric booked a sit at Japanese restaurant Bishamon for dinner at 5. The Gyoza is good and the Cheese Mushroom are amazing.

So that was Singapore again..


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