Dinner Day 23

In the evening mum got us all a tic worth RM88 to the October Fest in Holiday Inn. At first I didn’t wanted to go, cause I thought that it would be bored and all. As it turn out I was wrong… It was awesome!!! There was live music, dance, beer and Irish people around. I don’t even know there’s Irish people in Malacca.

Of course there’s buffet, beer and sausages, frankfurters, krainers, bratwursts, thuringers. hmmm… that’s all kind of names. No wonder American just calls them Hot Dog. 

The desserts area.

Soup and Pretzels.

Salad bar.

Here’s a sad part, only 1 free beer for the night.

That’s long eh??

Brought to you by Paulaner.

My sis and I.

Also brought by Digi.

I enjoyed the night very much. All of us did.. Cheers..



2 thoughts on “Dinner Day 23

  1. You are funny Caroline. No wonder why we just call them hot dogs 🙂 We also call bratwurst “brats” and polish sausage or aka Kielbasa. I love your blog!!

    1. Haha.. thanks. Sometimes I enjoy blogging for fun.. sharing my thoughts. At the same time i’m learning too..

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