Breakfast Day 23

For breakfast we had dinner along Ayer Keroh area at Lorong Setia Satu same row as Public Bank. There’s a food court at the corner that sells, Baked Pau, Chicken Rice and Prawn Mee. The Prawn mee is really good and tasty. I’m missing it now..

Later in the afternoon we checked out this new coffee shop called Khaki Coffee Bar at No.625, Jalan Melaka Raya. They do roast a good coffee, equipt with the espresso machine and all, small establishment but a little far away from town. I tried their latte a day before and there wasn’t  any foam. I thought it was a mistake. And when I tried today it is the same. Talked to the barista, and apparently they go easy on the foam because of the Malaccan market do not like the foam in their coffee. So  I asked “how bout cappuccino?” “The same thing..” I was shock and told them “how could you do that?” So, they told me the next come if I drop by I need to let them know and they’ll do a special one for me.. sad.. sad.. sad.. It’s real cheap though..  I only spend less than RM10 for this 2.

Lastly my friendly kitty behind my mum’s shop. She’s pregnant.. Again..


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