Dinner Day 25 (Tachi Nyonya House)

I’ve always wanted to try this place for a long time, cause… there’s illy coffee symbol at the front of the store, small coffee shop and looks a little cozy from the outside. Finally, we tried it. Mum is a little famous in Malacca, at times she tries to avoid going to the establishment that runs the same kind of core business. It’s not particularly giving a bad intention tasting and commenting. Me and mum believes that every food has a good taste that makes them special. We saw the owner, but she was more like a non-friendly towards customer contact. However it is, they serve coffee. Not just any coffee but Illy espresso coffee. Unlike the previous post at Khaki Coffee Bar, they take their coffee seriously. I also spy on their wall that there’s a Barista Award. I was impressed. And this is Tachi Nyonya House.

Cappuccino.. 50/50, just right, half foam, half coffee, super cheap only Rm5.90. This is a next best thing to my favourite Espressamente. I can live in Malacca with this cuppa. Fuck you Starbucks.. You suck. I stop going to Starbucks anyways. And this is WHY..

Rose Tea and Hazelnut Latte

Seafood Belacan Fried Noodle. (worth a try)

Hawaiian Ham Sandwich (anything that has pineapple must be known as Hawaiian? Not worth, if you notice, the bread is cheap. They should get a better bread)

Pudding Gula Melaka (this is good. The sago is soft, just nice not hard and it dissolve nicely in your mouth)

The restaurant interior.

This place is worth a try. It’s certified halal, plus there’s a Chi Chang alternately to Bak Chang which is to be made pre-order.


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