Trip to KL (Roast Duck and Tasty Pot Steam Boat)

Ok.. I was up in KL cause my grandma needed to do her medical check up in Serdang Hospital and stayed at my place for a night while we indulge whatever we can in KL. Plus I miss my kitties at home terribly.

This is the little farm that my grandparents has in the back yard. There’s chicken, ducks, mother goose and a couple of dogs to guard the feathered friends from snakes and burglars. Check out the ducks, that are happily minding their own business until….. (pic below) 

being roast to crisp, juicy perfection and to be sold at the side of the road. Muahahhhaa… Not a duck fan, but the uncle that sells this at the side of the road along Damansara Jaya close to Kelana Jaya LRT station is really good. Mum said that it is cheaper compared in Malacca.

That’s the thigh.. yummy. Its crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. I swore my mum bought like 15 since she’s been up and down from Malacca.

Usually pictures are taken before the food being touch, but this is the “aftermath”. Steamboat buffet at Tasty Pot Restaurant in Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway. The best thing bout this place is the giant crab and the bbq lamb. Too bad the day that we had the crab wasn’t that fresh. My stomach was very upset the day after.

That’s us, my mum’s sis, mum’s brother and mum’s mother. Just can’t stop eating and cracking the shell.


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