This movie is awesome.. Normally I would checked out the movie trailers before heading to cinema. For this movie I didn’t (and few other movies). Remember when you watch G.I. Joe trailer that got you so excited and can’t wait for the show when it came out and turn to be a massive flop of crap from the sky fell on your head. That’s how I felt after the show. Also Vampire Suck.. The trailer was cool and all, but after I watched the movie, I felt meaningless like there’s a hole in my heart. I take it back G.I. Joe wasn’t the crap. Vampire Suck is..

Anyways.. RED was awesome. Helen Mirren rocks so much with the big guns. Love it. Bruce Willis spontenous hot dude especially with the slow talk. ooohhh… and Mary-Louise Parker is funny..  And who would forget John Malkovich, he’s weird characters is a charm for any movie. I wanna watch it again.


Photo not mine..


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