ATV Ride at Kg. Kemensah

My butt hurt, I got bruises on my leg and my palm was as read as a baboon ass. It was held by my company event  and this time is the ATV ride at Kampung Kemensah, Hulu Kelang. It was an unforgettable experience indeed, cause this is one of the activity that I was terrified especially the riding down the slope. Plus my ATV wasn’t co-operating with me. The engine died most of the time while I drove up the hill. Hilarious, I though I do not know how to ride that 4 wheels. Then got a new ATV.. digital.. not like others. It was then all good baby.. Just like a bike ride, whenever the bike goes sideways and as if I was about to fall, I place either one of my leg on the ground and the tire scratched my calf. Bad choice.. I bruise my calf on each side. As for the ass it was the bumpy ride and my palm while pressing the break so hard going down the slope.  

On our way top, this asshole bus come towards the road. Clearly there’s a note that no bus allowed but some people just plain ignorance. Had to reversed back till I got some space for the bus to move. Rita was terrified, I win on this. I’ve been living in a Kampung, small lane street is my thing.

That’s the ATV unit. Cost bout RM11000 – RM17000. And most of us wanted to have one, just to ride to work. We just lurves going to work thinking of best idea to get to work…

Farah getting ready to move.

Camwhoring while getting my new ATV.

Again waiting.

The guy with the red shirt was our ATV guide man. That’s the bike that disappointed me. He’s calling for the new bike to arrive.

This is Tony, the only man in our group besides the guide dude.

We found heaven. It’s a hidden waterfall, quite. No one around. Rita and I do not hesitate but just feel the water running through our head.

Walking towards the best spot.

The pussies that choose not to get wet.

I love that place. Wished we had a longer time there.

Peace out. Rita smiled of enjoyment.

Of course theres lunch provided by our company. A very typical malay cuisine and it is really good. Especially the Pucuk Paku Lemak and Fried Chicken.

And the Ulam, which I find it weird to eat just like that.

That was us all after eating. Great time.

And my shoe.. dirt all over it.

Our ride down, tiny little cottage along the road.

One of the nicest FREE adventure experience ever..



4 thoughts on “ATV Ride at Kg. Kemensah

  1. ya la of coz i’m terrified, imma city girl only used to drive on a big roads, scared the shit out of me, the road is so damn small suddenly there’s big damn ass buss infront of us how to pass by? luckily you so skilled. this my 2nd time riding an ATV..but this one was so much fun, the trail was very challenging…but the best part of it is the water fall..very refreshing. i wanna go again, next time we go for the 3 hrs ride with camping pckg ok?

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