Tv Series 2010/2011

My Favourite Series are back and running, also with a few more additional on my list.

Glee Season 2

C’mon, who doesn’t love Glee? Maybe some that hate musical. This is the series that makes my feet tapping with great mash-up, performance, love, tears, sing-along and makes you go.. “Hey!! I know this song.” or “OMG my favourite song.” I was shock too that my mum knew one of the song that was sung by Puck which I have no idea at all. Of course it is not aired in Malaysia yet, but there are multiple sources right.. I won’t spoilt anything but Glee Season 2, SUPER LOVE..

The Glee Splash!!

An additional hot stuff on the menu. A new member of the Glee club. I call him Lady Lips. (Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans)

Another new cast, cute guy eh? I fell in love with him when he sang his first song on Glee. (Daren Criss as Blaine)

Parenthood Season 2

I love the heart warming and the togetherness of this family, I enjoy being family orientated, 7 to 10 year back my family was pretty much like this family, cousin of the same age will run around the yard, came back for the weekend and had a very good meal catered to at least 15 people in that shaggy old wooden house. I enjoy the family drama very much.

Fun family time, this series made me cried in the first season. We’ll see how the second goes.

Tyree Brown as Jabar is such an adorable kid, since the first appearance. He seems so smart.

Cougar Town Season 2

Funny sitcom, who would forget Monica, I still called her Monica. What I don’t get, there’s no more young guy in the show for her to sleep with. What happen to the actual Cougar? It makes the title not making sense anymore. Still hilarious though. Still am watching. 

The cast of Cougar Town. So far 2 special appearance from the Friends sitcom. 4 more to go..

The Walking Dead

When I first saw the trailer when Rita introduced to me, I thought it was a movie. It does looks good, and it is good. New series, great cinematography and make up.. the zombie I mean. It was a comic adaptation in 2003. Expect a lot of head shot, the dead on the street hunting for fresh meat and of course the survival. Typical zombie situation.

The promo poster. The traffic are all leaving from the city. City should be the place where it all started. Remember Zombie situation survival, don’t get bitten, run as fast as you can and if you can’t do head shot, there’s probably no hope for you.

The Zombie make up are so good and gruesome, that I decided not to post em’. I don’t want to scare myself.

Rizzoli & Isles

Lets see, CSI? hmm… yeah. Just like CSI only girls are in control and funnier. Homicide cases on each episode. A little hilarious here and there and in between. I quite like it. It’s new, I’m on my 4th episode.

The two duo, Jane Rizzoli the Police Detective and Dr.Maura Isles the Medical Examiner.

The Lost Girl

What do I think of this? I really have no idea, my first series got me expressionless cause there was a little of Twilight, Harry Potter, and Smallville. I mean I love those 3 not that much on Twilight but if it were to combine.. ermm.. not great. Still too early to judge. I’ll check out the 2nd episode soon. It’s a supernatural crime drama.

The Poster Promo.


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