F*ck Buddy Movies 2010/2011

Commitment. Who needs commitment when you can have sex with your best friend. It’s just like any activity or sports, playing tennis or running. You’ll definitely sweat for sure.

So, I came across this few trailers that are coming soon and that already played in box office and they all have one thing in common. Friends that end up having sex or a one night stand that turn out to be the love of your life. Sure meaningless sex are fun. Until one of them realise that L word. Love hurts by the way, it hurt so bad that people could kill and suicide. Also it is a lovely warm fuzzy feeling like snuggling under your comforter on a cold weather. Eww… who wants that.    

Oh well, this is the promo poster. A man and a woman too cute just after having sex. How nice that Jake and Anne used to work in Brokeback Mountain now are doing it. Remember the back car seat. Some action there..

Go watch the trailer, I believe there is a little twist at the end, and it’s a pretty high rating. Someone will definitely ruin it with the 3 ridiculous words.. “I Love You”. I’ll watch it of course.

And a little sexy scene here.. On the floor.. (from the trailer)

Next, another one. Typical, “We can’t date, she’s my oldest friend” They do it anyway.. silly ground rules.. other friends will advice “that is NOT ok”. Then BAM!! “I think I’m falling for her” — awkward–

That’s the US release in January. The ever good looking Ashton and petite Natalie are staring in it. The trailer is too cute.

Here’s another scene . Ashton :”We’re having sex”, Natalie: “I know”

Ok last one, for now. Justin and Mila, same thing friends that has been missing sex. And just decided to do it. Just casual sex with the same person every night, whenever you’re feeling like it. It’s easy.. it’s simple.

Expected to be out in July 2011 in US. As per trailer this one seems more exciting than the Ashton and Natalie. Maybe cause the curly springy Justin’s hair. Of course he’ll sing in the movie..

This trailer has hotter sex scene, this could be funner to.. *ehem*.. watch.

What’s next? Go ask a good girl friend or boy friend of yours and offer this if he or she would want to share this activity. Go set you FaceBook to F*ckBuddy now.


2 thoughts on “F*ck Buddy Movies 2010/2011

  1. hey babe good post…you’re a movie blogger now??…thats supposed to be my topic…well that if can be consistent doing it.. anyway abt this FB movie..dont know how the producer and writer came up with the similar ground storyline at the same time. hollywood is seriously getting a brain drained nowdays..even worse showing it at the same year… hire an a-lister actors and add some simple twist on the storyline and voila..it’s a big hit (finger cross)

    Hollywood film makers nowdays don’t really care to make good movies they only care about $$$$ thats why i prefer towatch foreign movies. maybe i should write about this on my blog…hhm..

  2. Am not a movie blogger just sharing a little thoughts and fun facts to the internet world. You should do it though, you have a lot more knowledge better than I do.

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