How I Met Your Mother – The Next Best Thing Since Friends

How could I not realise that this sitcom could rock my world. I’ve always knew that it does exist. Some people talk about it, the Brocode, Barney Stinson and the constant alcohol intake. This may be the next best thing since Friends. They’re now on 6th season. Since I am baby at this, I’m starting this from season 1. So far I love all the character and I laugh a lot too. I actually finish the whole 2nd season on my last off day. I enjoy the mysteries of knowing who the bloody mother is. People always thought and wish that Ted is with Robin. The love interest that could last like forever. Sounds like Rachel and Ross. Lily and Marshall are the cute hilarious couple on-screen that I’ve ever seen. A little familiar like Chandler and Monica. And Barney is just.. playboy. Just like Joey only creative. Wait there’s 5, Friends has 6..  Probably they do not want it to look much like Friends. There’s no Phoebe-like and coffee-house. In Season 2 they did try at a coffee place and they mention that it was boring. Are they referring to Friends regular caffeine intake boring? Alcohol rocks baby.. Plus Friends cast never got drunk except for Monica during her surprise birthday party and Ross after serving margaritas at his home after knowing Rachel and Joey were together. (Crap I knew Friends too much..)


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