Breezy Bandung – Part 1

First Holiday of the 2011

Me, Rita and Sam got our ticket about 9 months ago at only Rm 86.00 per person. Superbly cheap flight all thanks to Air Asia. I have to say that it is a privilege for Malaysians’ and all of Asia that we are able to seen and been places because of Air Asia. With the achievement that Tony Fernandez made it on Forbes just “wow” me when I read it on the plane to Bandung. I’m really grateful and proud with the immigration stamps on my passport.

At first I was not quite excited of Bandung, probably cause we got the tic way too early that expression just like.. *neh.. i’ll be away for a little while*. The fact that the journey to LCCT is dreadful as always, checked in bags, quick meal at airport, boarding pass, immigrations, board on plane, sit on plane, eat on plane (I’m always hungry on plane, the higher I go I hungrier I got), landed in Bandung. And there it is, while walking down the stairs, the breeze through my hair, soft cooling wind runs on my face skin, from that on, I realized that I”m On Holiday!! They best RM 86.00 spent ever.  Then there was camwhoring and the Husein Airport. It is  like the smallest airport that I’ve ever seen. The immigration, the pick up bags, the security scan and the arrival pick-up area are all in one place. Seriously that small.

The cooling air in Bandung, we barely see the sun.. until our last day.

The hotel room that we stayed in, Novotel at Jalan Chihampelas. Very pleasant stay, the hotel staff are very cheerful and helpful but horrible food for room service.

The view outside the hotel, are small average housing area.  We reached Bandung late about 4pm and right after checking in our room, we headed for food hunting and went straight to Paris Van Java and apparently the other 4 consecutive nights..

The malls there, are different compared to KL. It’s concept are like our Curve at Damansara, most malls has garden area, no air-conditioning, has different kind of business types of restaurant unlike the common repetition. The cart on the middle picture is an internet booth. Real cute..

Our eye catches at Ta Wan Chinese restaurant. At first we thought that it wasn’t Halal, and my two friends smile so wide when it is, despite there’s frog dish that they ignored.

(L: Scallop with Brocolli, Top R: Soft Shell Crabs, Bottom R: Braised Tofu Chicken) 

Looks good right, taste good as well. The fact that most of the food in Bandung that we had was satisfactory good.  

Yup, there’s Segway. We love the Segway a lot.. Sam fell while riding it though, good laugh…hahhaha…

Also since we’re in love with this form of tranportational, there’s one in KL all along and it’s real cheap. Will deffinately try this soon.. real soon.. hopefully. Check this out, SegKL.



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