Hope for Furry Survivor at Japan Earthquake.

Apparently there’s a freaking island just for CATS!!! Cat!!! I tell you. Unfortunately I just learn to discover it, and which happen to be a devastating news from the Japan Earthquake. Which is making me sad even more, that how people are struggling at catastrophe like this and my favourite furry animal is being a part of it.

It’s known as Tashiro-jima or Tashiro Island where there’s only roughly a population of 100 and only the elders are residing there. The population of feline are more than the human population. They also believe that feeding the feline could bring wealth and good fortune. I hope I got all the wealth and fortune I need from that 2 fat cat of mine.

A blog that I found that solely dedicated to cats lovers. It makes me smile and goes awww.. nuff said. Love Meow

Kitten kisses are the precious.

“A neighboring island, Ajishima. A photo that seems to be taken after tsunami, emerged on twitpic. According to the caption, it was taken around 15:43 local time on March 11.” – Love Meow.

According to the post its a high ground. There are possibilities of survivors for both elders and feline.

Put your hands up…

I have also been using Instagram Apps on my iphone and has been following a user known as Neco-Ideas. He or she, has been posting beautiful cat photos and had me wonder for quite some time. Where has this person been so coincidently happen to take all this beautiful picture. Till yesterday, most pic taken are by the shore, beach, fish nets and boats. This is the particular island. The dream kitties island. Picture below is the last post that he or she submited. It was a beautiful place till the disaster. May it be restored and Japan blossom once again like the beautiful Sakura.

*All pictures are not mine. They’re from Love Meow and Neco-Ideas from Instagram Apps on Iphone. Unfortunately unable to share his or her beautiful shots. If you have that apps do look for it. Hope that he or she is alright too.*


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