Paint by Numbers – I’m a Picasso

This is an awesome idea to kill time, especially in the office. I could multitask plus it calms down a person until the part that you need to paint the tiny little corner with the tiny thin brush. *Stress moment*.

I’ve known the Paint by Number, Van Gogh in a box, “Now everyone can be van Gogh. It’s so easy. Just follow the simple instructions and in minutes, you’re on your way to being an artist.” from the Mona Lisa Smile movie. Where a scene by Julia Roberts introducing to her students who are brilliantly smart but just can’t wait to be married. One of my favourite movie inspiring women to be question the purpose in life better than being meant traditionally in a societal role.

So here, my first Paint by Numbers or known by the product Paint It Yourself experience. The paint used is environmental friendly, non-toxic, non-polluted. It’s a complete set just right for the picture you’re about to paint and if it happen not be enough, call the number at the back of the box and they’ll send it for free. 


Below is how the picture supposed to look like.. *fingers cross*


Rita demonstrate the first colours to paint. Just follow the numbers…


At this point I wasn’t sure that this is a cat.. I thought I did it all wrong.. I was like.. “Why is it GOLD??”


Then I got this.. “Thank God”


Lastly to make it glossy and realistic. This glue look a like thing which is also like errmm.. how should I say this, male reproductive cells. If I were to put this on the table my mum would start wondering if I’m asking for a donor. Not that I mind.. Oops..


After the painting, see how glossy it is.. So pretty.


Finally all done. I’m so proud of myself. “Everyone Can Cook” now.. “Everyone Can Paint”


Item is HB3040033 30X40cm
Price at RM 79.90 after discount 10% at Parkson is RM 71.91.

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