Fast Five Fever



Watched Fast Five last week, and commonly addiction for me like any other obsession momentarily especially after a movie or sort of entertaining interest caught my attention causing a thing called ‘fever’.

Yup.. All the sudden I’m into cars.. Fast Cars… Vroooommm… I even started driving fast (nothing new with that), wanted to drift but my car is auto transmission so it’s a no fun there. I would definitely go back to manual transmission someday. What’s next I turn to my dream and fantasy that would not leave a scratch or dent on my car. Nerd myself away… with racing games. My PS is broken so thanks to gyroscope on iPhone my fantasy is being satisfied.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit. Didn’t realised I have this apps. The grafic is amazing..


**this obsession also caught me like any other examples below that I would normally turn to:

Superheroes > My Superman and Smallville.. drooling

Amazing guitar tunes > Attempt to play on my rusty guitar then leave it to dust

Pop music > Turn to my Gaga, Ke$ha, Britney that sorts till I had enough or my ear started to bleed

People that mention Angry Birds > Sudden urges to finish the level and only must obtain all 3 stars

Glee > Sing a long like nobody’s business

Interest on a certain celebrity or person > Google-ing, FB-ing and Twitter-ing like a number 1 stalker.

We’re all humans.. We’re curious.. I’ll all good.. Just be safe out there. ; )



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