Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow

Anticipation, excitement, crowds, waiting.. more crowd, noises, screaming, GOAL!!, seriously that many falls??, more noise, partial deaf, more crowd.

My very first football experience in the stadium, and I was glad that my first is my home country. My expectation was never high for the winning, but I never expect to see our nation are together as one for one magnificent night. I will never forget this..

The plan it to take the train to Bukit Jalil, cause thinking for driving there and worst coming back would be insane. Our train ride was exciting already at Masjid Jamek. People wearing Yellow and Blue Jersey all smiling at each other knowing that our destination is the same. When the train depart and arrive, crowds cheered happily.

The plan is to meet our great friend Sam, Wan and Joe at the station. Outside the stadiums people are selling jersey, funny hats, banners, food!! Practically anything that could make money. I got myself a black & yellow jersey too. On the way marching to the stadium crowds are building up like mad. Young, old, man and women all walk together, no one is really being pushy but still a proper crowd. They are all mostly commenting on my cute hat.

The seats were almost full. Luckily we manage to walk around the stadium and got the upper side for a good seat. Stadium was filled with over 80,000 people waving their flags and banners. It was the most greatest thing and the proudest moment that I was being apart of such  event.

Then there’s the Singapore spectators. Seems like only few head counts.

The tiger mascot came too and made the crowd goes wild. Making wave, waving flags and banners.

And there it was the heroes for our Harimau Malaya marches out to the field. Crowds cheering so loud while I had goosebumps all over my body.

Before the National anthem was played, the crowd was loud but when NegaraKu was played everyone stood still, look at the Jalur Gemilang and sang together. It was breathtaking for me to see such unity, and I do believe we still do. It brought me to tears.. but I hold it. It was beautiful and RM30 ticket is just too little for that moment.

The kick-off!!

Was watching during the whole match, didn’t bother much bout taking pictures. The Tiger did the best they could, even with a fall they manage to get right up and score the first goal. However Lions are just being pussy taking too many falls and injury time during the beginning and till the end of the game. The ball is on the other side of the field while they are playing drama falling and hurting themselves at the other. The lady paramedic from Singapore is the heroine, running back and forth to check on the players. When some of the players are carried on the stretcher, once they are on the side of the field miraculously walked back to the fields. Bunch of pussies.. Silly tactics.. hope this will work it World Cup for ya eh??

Picture time.. the proof that we were witnessing the match. (Rita, me and Sam)

Leaving the Stadium.. Many was sad that we can’t manage to be in World Cup but our spirit is still strong. The aggregate score of 6-4 lost our chance to the qualifying round for 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Our players just need to be faster, defence better and possibly 6 foot tall. However great saves by the Khairul Fahmi with the Singaporeans and scored by Mohd Safee.

Here is my Tigger that people were roaring each time I passed by while the kids wanted to touch it. What an attention seeker.. hehehe..


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