Very Asian

Sunday Morning

I was woken up by a child voices. It’s like Christmas morning where Marc gets to see all his gifts from his grandparents and aunts got for him and started playing with them. He loves the Red dragon that Rita gave him and choose Red to sleep with him.


Sunday is church day but for some reason we skipped and went to the Farmers Market at the Buckley Avenue And Hastings Crescent, Hobsonville Point. The lovely Catalina Cafe serves lovely latte. (It’s not like I’m complaining any cafe in NZ is bad but seriously there’re all good). At the Farmers Market there’s all great range of local homemade products like bread, chili sauce (which I bought), vegetables, poultry, cakes, cupcakes, flowers and of course coffee. The fact that the place is in a barn is such a lovely spot. Mellissa got Marc a cotton candy. We went nuts. Right after we had a short walk to the play ground. I did my fair share on the swing.






Coffee To Go??

Getting a cotton candy.






Old Sifu…

Charming dude by my side.



Swinging with Marc

For lunch we headed to Try It Out Vietnamese Restaurant at 20 Torrens Road, East Tamaki. Great huge portion for my tummy to digest. Tasty with MSG. Overall great. I had the Lemongrass chicken with noodle and the chicken is superbly soft and juicy.


After Marc’s nap time we headed home for awhile and out again to Westgate shopping center. Great place with lots of store like The Warehouse, Farmers, Noel Leaming, Dunkin Donuts, Robert Harris, Starbuck.. bluek.. Burger King, to name a few. Later that night Melvyn made Bulgogi Beef, Onion and Cabbage with rice for dinner. Did I mention this is a very typical home of a Malaysian. Their pantry have more Asian seasoning than mine back home. We have more Italian. For movie tonight is World War Z with the popcorn that I bought and Melyn homemade cendol. For real.


Beef Bulgogi for Dinner


Garrets Popcorn with World War Z

IMG_20130908_212135[1]NZ homemade cendol.


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