A Short Day Out

Marc goes to school as early at 7.45am while Mellissa get to work about 8.00am. So I had to get up early if I want to join or to go down to town. Mellissa wasn’t feeling very well since morning and she thought of dropping off Marc at school and herself to work to settle some stuff and then back home. Since I had to follow back I just spend my time in the morning around Takapuna for coffee, breakfast and a walk around the beach. IMG_5035

Along the Takapuna Beach IMG_5036



Cute little candy store.

Had my Latte at Jam Organic Cafe at 33 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna. The same place that Lissa intro to me 2 years back. Yeah I have a good memory with places that I’m familiar with. Got myself a Spinach Feta Cheese bread at Bakers Delight 3/4 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna. The bread is so soft that I don’t mind sharing with the birds.


Lots of bread selection


Feta Cheese Bread, Latte and Beach. Couldn’t ask for more.

Later we head home for Lissa to rest while I work on my plans to do in Auckland. Where everything is expensive and budget needs to be set. In the evening is pick up Marc time. After the pick up we went to shopping at Countdown at Westgate. I went nuts and got myself a carton of milk, two types of cheeses, ham and Ciabatta. Dinner we had homemade Beef Rendang.


Beef Rendang with Rice by Lissa


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