New Discovery

Today is a little more adventurous. Woke up early to follow Lissa to work then off I walked to check out the Crossfit Infinate near Takapuna area. I had my data plan with me by 2Degrees and I believe it is the cheapest in the market, so i’m ready to venture the world… or maybe just Auckland. The map brought me through some trail, sort of a hidden path, in the beginning I was a little worry until I see a couple of people walking about that area. It’s like a short cut from Huron Street to Barry’s Point Road. Shortly after I arrived, but it was closed. I even saw a cool coffee place that I might check it out when I’m there.


It started to get a little drizzle and then stopped. So I just walked all the way to the nearest bus station which is about 10 mins away from the Crossfit Infinate hoping that I could get to Auckland City. I was very confused at first with their whole transportation system. Efficient but confusing. After a long stare at the board and my phone directory, I managed to get a bus to town. $4.50. That is like RM12 per way. That’s a lot. I kept on thinking “Stop converting everything!!”


Rental space for bicycle storage.

Saw familiar route and I stopped at the Custom Street near Train Station Britomart. I figured I should get the a pass while in I’m here. It’s called HOP card. Works like Touch & Go. Can also be used at merchants that accepts it and special discounts. Buying the card itself cost $10 and I top it up with additional $20. Going around the city with is free with the card but limited. I was also told to register my card so just in case if I loose them. The card will be block and can’t be able to use by anyone and new replacement will be sent to me. Also there will be an upgrade go the card known as AT and HOP will be decommissioned. That one can be use even for parking or at wherever it is being accepted.

IMG_20130910_093107[1]Britomart Transport Station


Keep Calm and Eat Hot Dog!!

I knew that the street along Queen Street is long and uphill, so I stopped at the Mayoral Drive. I walked towards the Queen Street and the Real Groovy store caught my eye. I went in, and there are so many cool collectibles and novelties, junk and vinyl. Also a coffee shop. I planned to just walk around the store and have a look. I even asked if I could take a couple of pictures for just being polite. In the beginning I wan’t planning on buying anything until I see this whole lot of small vinyl for sale. $1 each!! I went a little nuts. Found a couple of good records but all are one song on each side. Oh and I don’t own a Vinyl player? I thought of buying them just as gift or something cool to make as a decoration until I got a chance to listen to it. I thought they wouldn’t allow me listen to them as they’re all from the bundle area. But nah.. the people here are awesome, they wouldn’t mind a lot of things as long as to keep them considerate and careful. The attendant guy even thought me how to use it and the first time that I listen to it I fell in love with the crackling background sound with the beauty of the tune. I even bought a couple of large Vinyls for just $3. They’re all old or used vinyls. Now that I bought them I can’t wait to listen to it. Will be getting the player when I get back.


Real Groovy is real cool




Need some boobs or balls??


It’s real cute cup and saucer.


Lots of awesome novelties.




By the time I was done with my shopping it was lunch time. I walked out and looked for the Food Truck Garage that is aired on TLC. (90 Wellesley St W, Auckland) I knew I had to try it out as he is introducing a healthier food which doesn’t mean it taste bad. Boy was he right. I had a hard time walking up and down the Auckland Street looking for it, but I didn’t give up. I searched high and low. When I was about to crossed the street I could smell the greatness of the food. I knew that could be it. When I found it, it was a delight. I got my seat. It is a small restaurant and can probably cater for small group. Since it is lunch time, the restaurant is full and packed with people from the nearby offices. But heck I got a place since I’m alone. I shared my table with some office “mate”. I requested to seat outside so that I could face the cute truck and making me taking my food picture perfect. The price is affordable and the food is delicious. I wish that I could taste more of their food since my food buddy (Rita) is no with me just one meal then. By the way it’s worth the try. I might go back again.



Bagel Store, Best Ugly

Food Truck Garage

Such a cute truck


The Menu


Chicky Dog with Pomegranate Juice

After lunch I headed for a walk around town looking and discovering new exiting things. Lots of souvenirs shops that I even made a friendly chat with one of the local.


Sky City

Next I need coffee before I head back to Takapuna. Stopped for a cappuccino at Movenpick Quay Street overlooking the Quay. Then I pick up a Travellers’ Co-op Discount Card for my traveling benefit. Doing the “Best of New Zealand for Less”. That’s their tag line. I need to travel smart ya know…



Oooo… the Coffee Gadget!!


Bellman Stovetop Steamer.. I want one.

Neighbour cat came for a visit


My first Vinyl collectionsIMG_20130910_191342[1]

Fried Rice for dinner.

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