Give A Little Bit

I am given the opportunity to drive around with the spare car at home. With my phone GPS I tried to drive around the Handerson area which is about 10 mins away. I stopped for breakfast at Burger King that served pancake, hash brown and bacon with coffee. It was alright. Couldn’t compare to the big breakfast that I had in Gold Coast.


Right after breakfast I drove to Rebel Sports to see if I can find any good sports stuff for me. They do have the discounted rack but it is just wasn’t that good. So I didn’t get the chance to get any. After a few mins walk I went into Kmart. Here there’s a lot of discounted items. Lots and lots of them. I got myself a couple of undies, gym shorts, t-shirts that short of things and a Green Froggie for Marc. Most of the stuff that I bought was under $10 so I went nuts. Close by there a mall called Westfield. Ideally was just to take a short walk around until I saw more discounted stores. One of it is Valleygirl. Most of the clothing starts at $7.99 only. So I ambushed, and looked for a couple of office wear and casual. I probably spend in the store for about an hour or so. Also this is the best time to buy boots as they are clearing off their winters collection. And you think shopping at Cotton On is good?? This is way better. After hours of shopping I realized I got hungry. Bought a pack of sushi and had for lunch. Oh the Salmon..


The next day I thought it would be good if I could returned a favor to my fellow temporary housemates. So I decided to cook for them. Back home I’ve always wanted to make meat balls spaghetti but the grind meat are just a little too pricy. But here it’s too darn cheap. I shopped at Pak’nSafe got all I wanted and then stopped for coffee at their local coffee store. Even at $3.50 the Latte is good.


When I got back I started my cooking. I mashed the meat with bread, egg, onion, seasoning, salt and pepper and then bake it till it is golden brown. I even made a smaller version for Marc since he loves tomatoes so much. Right about then, I made the sauce too but separately.  March loves it, Lissa enjoys it cause she loves bolognese while Melvyn add Cili Padi in it.



My version of spaghetti and meatball.


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