I Want to Live Like Animals..

Today is a little interesting day. Melvyn suggested us to go the ZOO!! I love animals and now that I get to see a different kind of zoo I’m pretty excited. Melvyn and Lissa has a yearly pass to visit the zoo. Pretty much anytime that they wish to visit. Melvyn thought that I should try to walk in with Lissa’s pass although there’s her picture on it. If we got stopped, well.. I have to pay for it. We got scanned and yup!! I got through. “Have a nice day!!” FREE!! I save $25. Love it.


The very first animal that I encountered was the Giraffe. It’s beautiful and tall. The fact that we are on a platform it is much cooler. At least you get to witness as the eye level with the Giraffe than to sprained your neck looking up. The Zebra and Ostrich are in the same habitat though. Witness an Ostrich pee too.


It was supposed to be the feeding time for the Giraffe but since Rukiya was recently born and not ready to be humanly publicly exposed, the show is canceled.


That’s Rukiya and the mum.


 A not crossing Zebra cause it is eating.


Here is a lioness, I don’t see any lion around but their feline genes are playful, that they need a ball to play with. Here’s my Instagram for the sort vid.


A Rhinoceros and a Springbok/Antelope/Gazelle (which I just know)


A Flamboyant Flamingos


Melvyn was impersonate the flamingos. Also there was supposed to be a Cheetah. I guess I was being Cheat-uh.


A nice place to chill


Marc gets to sit on elephant. Well at least a stone made of elephant.


The daily life of Burma. Almost like mine, just that mine involves coffee.


That’s Burma. Those people paid a huge sum just to take pic with him. I love the time when I was in Thailand. I get to ride on them. Cheaper..


Awwww… Cinta Monyet (like “puppy love” but in Malay we use monkey)


Two Hippopotamus spooning one another in the mud. Lots of Love in this Zoo.


I love that there’s river in the Zoo. How lovely.


Marc was too lazy to walk most times.



 No picture of the Kiwi bird. It’s too dark. The kiwi bird hunts in the night. It is a nocturnal bird, which means it sleeps in the day and searches for food at night. It chooses to hunt at night so that it can hide in the dark shadows of the trees, since it cannot fly to get away from it’s predator. (this is from Wiki Answers). Also they are shy…


This is the common Maori Culture carving.. but.. I’m confused of what it is called. So lets name him “Adam”.

IMG_5113Seal is sealing lazily..


Meerkat having lunch. In the box appeared to be some sort of insects.


Yeah don’t ruin their diet. Although they look fat and slow.

IMG_5123 It’s nice to see my fellow Malaysian.


I’m telling you man.. there’s too much love in this Zoo.. Even for the Alligator.


Beautiful park to lay around.


A giant Galapagos Tortoise.


A Cockatoo…


Black Pacific Duck with her chicks in the Japanese Garden.


Look how close we are to the Emu.


It’s Wallaby!! I really want to pet them. They are so cute but they are all so far away.


Hey ya sister.. nappy time eh..


They just enjoy sleeping.. oh well they need to stay up all night to party!!


Check out this pig… Kunekune Pig. Apparently they are like dogs. Easy to train and often keep them as pets. No wonder they stare at me for quite a while. Thy look really cute though. So FLUFFY!!!


Stopped for a bite at the Zoo Cafe and they serve Robert Harris coffee. Lovely..


Picture on the dragon tongue.


Marc and I on the Gekko


I made dinner again today. It was Pizza. Lissa bought pizza bread and asked me to do it. So I did. I use the meat balls from yesterday, minced it. Top it off with Salami.



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