When Food and Fit Collide

I woke up early and feeling excited to join very first CrossFit Box. CrossFit Infinate. First class was at 8.15am. I drove there and for some reason my phone decided to give up on me. My GPS wasn’t working. That didn’t stopped me. I direct my way trying to remember the route that Lissa goes to work. I even took a longer route passing through Marc’s daycare center. Finally I arrived on time. When I got there I was a little nervous of who to meet up. Then I met Sal. He’s mid size guy, black, great smile and a definitely pro cross fitter. We chat a bit and shortly we started our warm out. For pre-WOD (Work Out of the Day) was a 65% of body weight dead lifts. I love dead lifts but I couldn’t count. So I went roughly 35kg. Which turns out I’m right. 3 X dead lifts every minute for 10 reps. Sounds awesome. Plus my form was perfect 🙂 Next is the actual WOD. 1-10 then 10 – 1 of Kettle Bell Swing, Box Jump, Push Press and Wall Ball. I had trouble with the Wall Ball, cause back home in the gym the balls are actually smaller. I managed and survived. I even got Sal to teach me the tricks to do Double Unders (jumping rope twice instead of just once). That one I can’t. I suck at it. Spoke to a couple of cross fitters and they were real nice. They even allow me to come for free the next time. The girls are all actually pretty buffed up. So jealous. I too get a shirt as a souvenir.




When I get back from the Box, Lissa brought me for a quick bite at Burger Fuel. It’s a fast food kind of restaurant but with a gourmet experience. The burgers are made fresh and it taste great. When I looked at it closely the item that they use is really healthy. The meat is Halal though.. but you can request bacon aside. The best thing about this is the Beer Battered Fries. It was superbly good. This is better alternative than McD people.







In the evening, Lissa and Marc made Potato Curry Puff. The flour was fluffy and the potatoes were soft and spicy. For dinner Melvyn did Briyani. It was so freaking good. If they cook like this daily I wouldn’t miss Malaysian food. I would miss their food. It’s been a lovely Saturday for me.




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