Bukit Kutu Expedition


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Gunung Kutu also known as Bukit Kutu, located at Hulu Selangor which is at Kuala Kubu Baru close to Kampung Pertak, Selangor, Malaysia. Bukit Kutu also once known as Trecher’s Hill is at the height of 3456 feet or 1090 meter off sea level. It were once a British colonial station but were neglected after the bombed by the Japanese during the World War II. The journey to hike would generally takes 4 hours to the peak and passing through the aboriginals village.

It was a sudden exciting weekend for me. I was invited to join the Tourism Selangor and be apart of a hike in Kuala Kubu. I said to myself why not. I’m sure it’ll be a fruitful trip.

Our meet up location was at Dataran KKB, Kuala Kubu Bahru, Hulu Selangor. We had our quick breakfast, get our t-shirt on, name tag and consent letter signed. The shirt is Pink. My first thought Pink?? wow.. then I realised if I ever get lost it is bright neon shirt, I’m pretty sure I can be found.

At 9 we had our safety briefing at the carpark area. Quick stretch, grab our packed lunch and off we go. I didn’t expect much during this expedition, all I know was that I had to walk up. Not knowing how hard could it be, until was told it will be 4 hours hike up. One way!! At regular speed with average fitness. 2.5 hours if you’re supper fit with no rest.

Our first trekking was decent, easy, just keep walking. We crossed over 4 rivers. I even had the liberty to took off my shoes, not wanting to get wet in order to avoid discomfort. Once I got to the second river, I couldn’t be bothered. The rivers are calm and crystal clear. Gave us such a refreshing feeling.

      As we were walking towards the forest, the trees around us started to look different. We took time to look around and appreciating nature’s beauty. From free pathway to a narrow route. Wet and muddy. Shoes were getting heavier with the mud and rocks, we had to go on. Bamboo trees are everywhere, falling apart making the journey more challenging. We had to jump, climb over, crawl under and made careful steps on hollow bamboo while being caution with our surrounding. With the help of fellow Fire Fighters and experienced Hiker made our hike pleasantly easy.


Walking requires focus and hiking needs it even more. We either get too focus or we loose it. Walking and looking at the same environment around, could get us tired easily just like long drive, and if we were to missed one step, it could cause a mishap. Resting is important and our eyes need to have a break to get refresh. So look up. The trees are magnificent beauty.

After at one of our stop at the big boulder, I was unlucky to be stung by a wasp. I met a girl that had an allergic reaction to it. I was never stung by a bee or wasp before and knowing I have no such reaction, I’m quite grateful. I still have the scar on my left hand. Talking about memories.

We made it to the summit and apparently when we got there, it wasn’t exactly yet. We need to climb up 3 ladders and to get up another 3 huge boulder to actually be at the summit. To those of you who are afraid of heights, not a good idea. Cause it makes it worst for you to come down. For what it’s worth. We made it. My highest peak so far, 1053 meter. Probably a little bit more with all the ladders.



We had our packed up lunch, quick nap and headed down at about 2.30pm. We decided to get down on our own as it was starting to drizzle. Coming down was indeed faster but way more challenging this time. I fell a couple of times because I stepped on tree branches and my shoes are not gripping the thick mud. My shoes earlier the hike and after.

 On our way down we can only focus on crossing the river again. We wanted to get ourself refresh and cool off. If only we were equipped with our swimming attire. When we got to our car we felt such relief and even went for a quick drive to a nearby town for early dinner.

 On our way back to the Kampung Asli for the price giving ceremony, we came across a beautiful Kuala Kubu reservoir. It was a stunning and peaceful view.

 When we got to the Perkampungan Asli we had a change to meet Y.B. Lee Kee Hiong. Sharing her insights of the area and places to visit. I was also one of the lucky winner for instagram competition by submitting the picture of the summit view. Kudos to Tourism Selangor and TSDayout. It was a well planned hike and I’m looking forward to your future events. I would love to discover more of Selangor.

IMG_2045and… wonderful wonderful goodies.


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