Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow

Anticipation, excitement, crowds, waiting.. more crowd, noises, screaming, GOAL!!, seriously that many falls??, more noise, partial deaf, more crowd. My very first football experience in the stadium, and I was glad that my first is my home country. My expectation was never high for the winning, but I never expect to see our nation are … More Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow

Early Christmas Gifts

The Most Wonderful Day of the Year is almost here. I love Christmas, just like any birthday you’ll get gifts, but during Birthdays people normally forgot, except for gazillions Facebook comments birthday wishes. People never forget Christmas. Here’s my early Christmas gift by Rita.. woohoo.. Number 1: Griffin iTrip FM Transmitter and Car Charger for Iphone and Ipod. (always … More Early Christmas Gifts

Dinner Day 23

In the evening mum got us all a tic worth RM88 to the October Fest in Holiday Inn. At first I didn’t wanted to go, cause I thought that it would be bored and all. As it turn out I was wrong… It was awesome!!! There was live music, dance, beer and Irish people around. I … More Dinner Day 23

Dinner Day 13

After a long day in KL discussion business with mother, searching chandelier, learning bout real and fake crystals (which are so beautiful). A lil shopping at One Utama, admiring Iphone 4, quick bite at Teppanyaki, hugging my cats at home (and they actually forgot me.. Don’t blame em’ cats are like that, just plain bitches. … More Dinner Day 13