Give A Little Bit

I am given the opportunity to drive around with the spare car at home. With my phone GPS I tried to drive around the Handerson area which is about 10 mins away. I stopped for breakfast at Burger King that served pancake, hash brown and bacon with coffee. It was alright. Couldn’t compare to the … More Give A Little Bit

A Short Day Out

Marc goes to school as early at 7.45am while Mellissa get to work about 8.00am. So I had to get up early if I want to join or to go down to town. Mellissa wasn’t feeling very well since morning and she thought of dropping off Marc at school and herself to work to settle … More A Short Day Out

Dinner Day 28

I’ve been longing to have Pan Mee cause my ill grandmother mention that it’s her favourite meal. I remembered whenever I was young and back to the Kampung that will be the famous dish. I miss it very much and I regretted not to learn it from her. A word of advice, if your mother of grandparents still … More Dinner Day 28

Breakfast Day 22

My sis came back for the weekend, and I got lazy to get my ass to work and reached the shop like really late. Mum got a little mad.. Oh uh.. Had to do some shopping for her at Tesco and breakfast with sis at Kluang Cafe. My sis got herself Roti Bakar and Kopi ice. I got myself … More Breakfast Day 22

Breakfast Day 21

After we took care of the banking in the morning, we went to Melaka Raya, near Pure Bar where my mum’s causin Aunt May recently run a “My Home Cook” restaurant. Serves common peranakan mixed rice. Mum said that she never cook at home and now she’s running a business. The food it’s not that … More Breakfast Day 21

Dinner Day 11

Me, mum, sis, Miss Tay and the owner of the antique shop that we visited on my earlier post suggest us for a new place for quick and light dinner. It’s located at Jalan Hang Lekiu near Tong Hup at Kampung Hulu, near Jonker Area. AK 47 is the name of the shop like the … More Dinner Day 11

Breakfast Day 10

Mum made me my favorite porridge that I haven’t had for probably 4-5 years. I remembered those days when I was young that this is our family thing. My grandma, my late aunt Jessie and my mum all could make it. I could remember the taste so well and I complaint to my mum that … More Breakfast Day 10