Give A Little Bit

I am given the opportunity to drive around with the spare car at home. With my phone GPS I tried to drive around the Handerson area which is about 10 mins away. I stopped for breakfast at Burger King that served pancake, hash brown and bacon with coffee. It was alright. Couldn’t compare to the … More Give A Little Bit

Romulus @ Solaris

Me and Rita were hunting for an early breakfast as early as 7am. Most places run their business the earliest at 8. We couldn’t wait. Most San Fran don’t open on Sundays, Coffee Bean from 9am and Starbucks just simply sucks. Being a little adventurous, we tried Mont Kiara, Solaris. Luckily there’s an early “werewolf” coffee shop that was open. Romulus. Romulus … More Romulus @ Solaris

Breakfast Day 28

Indeed a crazy breakfast. I’ve never eaten this kind of pork dish in the morning. Me and mum had this at Melaka Raya, the same row as MPMBB. Good hot soupy steaming Bak Kut Teh.

Dinner Day 28

I’ve been longing to have Pan Mee cause my ill grandmother mention that it’s her favourite meal. I remembered whenever I was young and back to the Kampung that will be the famous dish. I miss it very much and I regretted not to learn it from her. A word of advice, if your mother of grandparents still … More Dinner Day 28