Bukit Kutu Expedition

Watch The Teaser Gunung Kutu also known as Bukit Kutu, located at Hulu Selangor which is at Kuala Kubu Baru close to Kampung Pertak, Selangor, Malaysia. Bukit Kutu also once known as Trecher’s Hill is at the height of 3456 feet or 1090 meter off sea level. It were once a British colonial station but … More Bukit Kutu Expedition

Give A Little Bit

I am given the opportunity to drive around with the spare car at home. With my phone GPS I tried to drive around the Handerson area which is about 10 mins away. I stopped for breakfast at Burger King that served pancake, hash brown and bacon with coffee. It was alright. Couldn’t compare to the … More Give A Little Bit

A Short Day Out

Marc goes to school as early at 7.45am while Mellissa get to work about 8.00am. So I had to get up early if I want to join or to go down to town. Mellissa wasn’t feeling very well since morning and she thought of dropping off Marc at school and herself to work to settle … More A Short Day Out

The Journey Begins.

Excuse me for not blogging in awhile.  I don’t  know if people would actually follow my updates, but I guess blogging is more towards sharing experiences and for self benefit, sort of like a personal diary for others to read freely. I’m on a month break from work, and the long waited journey begin. My … More The Journey Begins.

Singapore Again.. Day 2

We were suggested to go to Marina Bay Sands, the new shopping mall in Singapore.. (there’s always new). My first casino experience!! Also suggested not to park there as the rate is 8 EFFING DOLLAR PER HOUR.. We took cab there. Plus Singapore transportation is reliable. That’s the Marina Bay. Filled with exclusive store that I could never afford.  Imagine an underwear cost $900?? There’s also a “wishing … More Singapore Again.. Day 2