Fast Five Fever

Watched Fast Five last week, and commonly addiction for me like any other obsession momentarily especially after a movie or sort of entertaining interest caught my attention causing a thing called ‘fever’. Yup.. All the sudden I’m into cars.. Fast Cars… Vroooommm… I even started driving fast (nothing new with that), wanted to drift but … More Fast Five Fever


This is it, I am in Love with this new series. This is the totally opposite to Parenthood. This is what it is like in the real world. Watched the first Pilot episode and can’t wait for the second already. There’s alcohol, drug, stealing, attitude, sex and of cause like any series nowadays, homosexuality. It’s … More Shameless

Black Swan

Black Swan is a psychological thriller movie dividing personality of a person mind being possessed normally by a complete different character in a person. Pretty much known like an evil twin.  It was a high rating by numerous movie article and Natalie Portman did played the character well. During half of the movie I realize that this is similar to … More Black Swan

Romulus @ Solaris

Me and Rita were hunting for an early breakfast as early as 7am. Most places run their business the earliest at 8. We couldn’t wait. Most San Fran don’t open on Sundays, Coffee Bean from 9am and Starbucks just simply sucks. Being a little adventurous, we tried Mont Kiara, Solaris. Luckily there’s an early “werewolf” coffee shop that was open. Romulus. Romulus … More Romulus @ Solaris

How I Met Your Mother – The Next Best Thing Since Friends

How could I not realise that this sitcom could rock my world. I’ve always knew that it does exist. Some people talk about it, the Brocode, Barney Stinson and the constant alcohol intake. This may be the next best thing since Friends. They’re now on 6th season. Since I am baby at this, I’m starting this from season 1. So … More How I Met Your Mother – The Next Best Thing Since Friends