Romulus @ Solaris

Me and Rita were hunting for an early breakfast as early as 7am. Most places run their business the earliest at 8. We couldn’t wait. Most San Fran don’t open on Sundays, Coffee Bean from 9am and Starbucks just simply sucks. Being a little adventurous, we tried Mont Kiara, Solaris. Luckily there’s an early “werewolf” coffee shop that was open. Romulus.

Romulus is a mythical myth, just like the werewolf itself, vampires and twilight?  Anyway without a doubt looking at the logo I just went like, “Hey it’s Jacob”. Maybe someone should start a Vampire coffee-house with crazy amount of blood looking colouring food. Red Velvet, Bloody Mary, Barista that uses fangs or glitter. A freaking Volvo as the mascot, cold and pale. It’ll be a Twilight concept store or like True Blood with blood in the bottle. This could go on and on.. you’ll get the picture.

Location Solaris. Opposite Coffee Bean. Very easy to find. Best thing opens at 7am.

That’s Jacob.. I would be Team Jabob than being with that sissy Edward.

I like the glass sticker. No pork, No lard.

We even received a pager, that alert annoyingly and blink for us to get up of our seat to pick up our food at the bar. I mean this is almost like a restaurant, seriously can’t they serve us on our the table. But I was excited when it rang. Got up immediately.

Check out the American Breakfast called as Romulus Regular Breakfast at RM 14.90, no drinks included. Nothing on plate is quite cheap except for the beef bacon that’s as tough as a rubber.

At least I know where to find Pizza early in the day. Pepperoni Tortilla. So thin. So cheezy. I like this one. At RM 12.50.

The Latte small at RM 9.50. Not good.  Maybe the choice of milk is not right.  


One thought on “Romulus @ Solaris

  1. yay…we found a nice place to have an early breakfast, love the big breakfast set. yup you’re right everything on the plate is worth the rm 14.90 we paid…unlike other places charge so expensive but use cheap stuff, too bad the coffee is horrible the beans is the main suspect the milk is just fine, or else this place will be just perfect.. next time i wanna try their pretzels. nice imaginary twilight cafe concept btw.

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